Slinkky | All Your Social Links In One

All your social links in one

Combine all of your social media accounts into a single, simple, sharable link so your followers can follow you anywhere.

Set up your Slinkky links

Slinkky allows you to add a link to every one of your social media accounts. These links will be used to create a single, simple, landing page for you to share to your audience.

  • Simple to use interface

    Slinkky's intuitive editor makes it simple to add, edit, and delete all your links.

  • Supports all major websites

    Add your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and over 30 other social network accounts.

Share Slinkky anywhere

When you create your Slinkky account you will recieve a unique link to view all of your social links. You can add this link to your social media profiles, display it in the footer of your website, or share it anywhere else your audience will see it.

  • Monitor page views

    Page view tracking lets you know how many people are visiting your Slinkky profile.

  • Track link clicks

    Track clicks on each of your Slinkky links to see which of your social networks is most popular among your followers.

Supports over 30 of the most popular social networks.

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